The actual cost of a Property

Many people fail to realise the importance of seeing the bigger picture when it comes to property.   In the real estate market, people tend to keep buying the properties because of the belief: “there has to be a roof over our head”. The reason people do this apparently not because of their need for property, […]


CVIG proudly present to you, another amazing success story! In November 2020, we successfully executed the sale of the most expensive 3-bedroom luxury unit apartment in New Life Bondi Junction Project. NewLife Bondi Junction is a premium 62 apartments-over 13 levels project that combined the technical excellence, aesthetic design, and charm of the local culture. […]


There are quite plenty of financial traps in the marketplace that has been existed and evolved for years. For most of the people dealing with these issues, they neglect their due diligence, therefore resulting in an unfavourable position for them. Or on the other extreme, even though some people are aware of the mechanism of […]


The national house price could fall by 20% House prices could fall by 10 to 15% 30% dive in house prices 32% downturn in house price crash “The so-called experts” predictions have revealed that the facts are opposite to what they predicted initially. Mostly, mainstream media focus solely on current issues, […]

What are benefits of investing in property ?

There are many types of investors in the property market and each of them also has their own goals/objectives when it comes to investing. After working with various investors in the property industry for almost 10 years, we can conclude that generally investors only invest for 2 main goals: Capital gains (Capital Appreciation) Cashflow (Rent payments) […]

First Home Buyer properties

Latest information about First Home Buyers To become a first home buyer these days has not been easy. Many challenges occur at once, including but not limited to: The minimum capital/deposit of 5% of the total property value needed to secure the purchase; The limited supply of properties in Sydney suburbs; The high price point […]

Buying Brand New or Existing Properties

There is a lot of debates between the first home buyers in the market as to whether they should target brand new properties or existing properties. Through our experience in closing hundreds of first home buyer deals, we have gathered some insights on why they tend to choose one over another. There are some significant […]

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Debt. This word strikes fear in a lot of people’s mind. Debt is a very cliché word and has suffered a negative stereotyping and connotation in the public domain. In reality, debt just needs to be learnt and understood properly to discover that it is not as scary as people think. According to Investopedia, Debt […]

Buy VS Rent

This classic debate has been going on and on for decades and baffles all property enthusiasts around the world. Many people who have the chance to enter the property market have various reasons to doubt their ability to do so. On the other side of the coin, there are also quite a few people who […]

What sort of property manager needed during this crisis?

Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic that has been infecting millions of people worldwide has changed the world in many ways possible. The restrictions introduced by each government, have reformed our lifestyle and how the businesses operate. Due to the closure of the borders of 200 countries, many organisations were forced to lay off their […]

Is Home really an asset?

So many banks and real estate salespersons to name a few, claim that owning a home is the ultimate goal of someone’s life. It is indeed a massive milestone. It is one of the indicators that you are achieving something huge in your life. Our preferences for a home can be a subject to people’s […]

Real Estate Sales Persons vs Real Estate Investors

There is a big difference between Real Estate Sales Person and Real Estate Investor. When you have a big decision to make, surely you would like an expert view and guidance as an assurance you are across everything and therefore make the best decision, not someone who rarely, if not never, have experiences in that […]

CVIG kicks goal with sponsorship award from Moorebank Soccer Club

Capital Value International Group (CVIG) are proud of their sponsorship arrangement with Moorebank Soccer Club, and have received an award of appreciation for their ongoing support. Based in Sydney’s south west, Moorebank Soccer Club is a non-profit organisation that’s been supporting the local community for 50 years. The all-inclusive group consists of 18 committee members […]


There are several factors that have led to the new market conditions in Australia’s economy. The RBA’s decision to hold interest rates at an all-time low The record low interest rate of 1% is an indication of both good and bad news. The good news is that there could be a few more rate cuts […]

CVIG kicks off sponsorship with Moorebank Soccer Club

Capital Value International Group are proud to play a major role in sponsoring all under-7 teams (totalling 72 kids) at the Moorebank Soccer Club (MSC), and are grateful to be a part of such an exciting and active organisation. Based in Hammondville, the MSC committee are all volunteers and play an important role in the […]

How to turn $930,000 to $3,000,000

For the very first time ever, Capital Value International Group would like to present a masterpiece development coming soon for the market. A quick story to update our loyal customers and clients of what we have been up to.   The initial property featured an old 4-bed fibro house with a massive 26 metre frontage. […]

Fundamental reasons for property downturn

There’s no doubt that Sydney and Melbourne properties are facing a downturn after a high swing over the last couple of years. A lot of highly leveraged investors couldn’t cope with the cost of money for their investments and were forced to sell them at a loss. There are several factors that contributed to triggering […]

Our Success Story

Over the years Capital Value International Group (CVIG) and Billbergia have built a strong relationship based on honesty and trust. Both companies have grown together and work hand-in-hand to support each other and bring added value to their investors. With 100% settlement record from CVIG purchasers, Billbergia have entrusted the company to be the ‘Priority […]

5 Year Anniversary

Welcoming the 5 Years Anniversary, Capital Value International Group takes pride in our achievements.

the Meadows Top Agent

Top Agent for the Meadows (Brand New home estate next to Edmondson Park train station)  

Appreciation from the city of Canada Bay

Capital Value International Group had been invited exclusively to support Chinese Art Contemporary Exhibition in Rhodes. We were privileged to be part of the movement. It shows the multicultural lifestyle in the area. At the same time, we were awarded by City of Canada Bay as participant of major sponsors of the event that was […]

CVIG Awarded as one of the TOP agents by the biggest Sydney waterside developer – Billbergia.

CVIG and Billbergia have built a strong relationship and trust. Through the years, both companies grew together and work hand in hand to support each other. With 100% settlement record from CVIG purchasers, Billbergia had entrusted CVIG to be the “Priority Agent” and build a better synergy.   Chandra Leonardi (Principal of Capital Value International […]

Five tips for successful property investment

  It seems these days that there are endless streams of property investments popping up. There is a lot more to making money through property investing than simply purchasing something and hoping for the best. While there are many reputable companies out there, it’s important as an investor to have a good understanding of what […]


  The chance to live in one of Australia’s most iconic residential towers is an exciting prospect for buyers from all around the globe – and it’s soon to become a reality. Soaring 90 storeys above the city, Brisbane Skytower will be Brisbane’s tallest apartment building and feature the third highest habitable units in the […]